First Gameplay Video!

I finally decided to play through the game, and record it for your viewing pleasure!

In the last sprint two major things happened:

  • Power Absorption: Whenever a super powered character dies, his killer gains one of his abilities.
    This now happens immediately in the middle of combat!
  • Ability Levels: Each ability can be leveled up for increased damage / range / potency etc.
  • Permadeath! Oh yeah, a third little thing happened. Whenever characters die they now stay dead forever. As it turns out, this makes for a very unforgiving experience, creating some incredibly tense moments, but also making it harder for the player to recover from defeat. Further iteration needed. :)

Check out the gameplay footage here:

As you can tell from the video, I got my ass handed to me!

You start the game with a small group of rebel soldiers, lacking superpowers. As you hunt down the super villains you absorb their power by killing them.

With the current tuning the impact of having even one Gifted person on your team is enormous.
I'm definitely going to soften the initial difficulty ramp, but there was something really compelling about playing as the underdog, with vastly inferior abilities. It made the villains seem all the more dangerous. Food for thought!

The most interesting thing that happened was probably facing off against a villain that absorbed multiple abilities.
With 2 of my soldiers left against him it seemed I had the match well in hand until HE FROZE BOTH OF THEM and subsequently PUNCHED THEM TO DEATH.

These unexpected ability combos are exciting!
Going forward, an interesting area to build out will be to add abilities that create a fun puzzle of what other ability they would go well with. Berzerk Pyromancer? Illusion Clone Lightning Sniper? The possibilities are endless!

Let me know what you thought of the video, or if you want to give the game a try!
You can find me on twitter at @iamdoborog or email me at anything :)